If you think you need a HUGE e-mail subscriber list to create your online fortune, this following story will shock you. And if you are tired of having to learn a new social media strategy each week just to keep up with your competition, this website will be a breath of fresh air. Let's get started...

From the Desk of Diane Hochman.

Imagine for a moment what it would FEEL like to create an email, hit 'broadcast,' and earn hundreds (and even thousands) of dollars with ONE e-mail?!

And imagine for a moment if you only need a few hundred people on your list for the e-mail to rake in some BIG money...

It is possible... in fact keep reading, and I'll prove it to you...

I'm telling you that you don't need a huge e-mail list to create wealth with your business fast. Because you've probably never heard anyone say that before, let me answer the questions that are going through your head right now...


Q: Don't I need a list of tens of thousands of leads & prospects to make a tiny fortune from one e-mail?

A: NO. If you were told that, you were lied to. Once you have a list of 10 people, you should be making some money online.

Q: Does it matter what kind of business I am building?

A: NO. I have written e-mails in network marketing, affiliate marketing, and even selling my own products that have made me thousands. This works in ANY niche.

Q: Do I need to be pushy in these e-mails, learn sales tactics, and will I feel like a used car salesman bugging my list to buy from me?

A: NO. In fact, with what I'm going to teach you, you will learn how to get people to open your e-mails and happily buy from you over and over again.

Q: I am just getting started and I literally have no list... will what you teach work for me?

A: If you are just getting started and have zero list, you need what I'm going to teach more than anybody... and YES, this will work for you (and I am about to prove it to you).

Here is my honest goal with what I'm about to share with you on this website... (and YES, I believe this is possible)...

If you can build a list of 100 e-mail subscribers, you will make money online.

If you can build a list of 1,000 e-mail subscribers in the way I'm about to lay out for you, you should be able to earn at least a few thousand dollars per month and go full-time with your business.

How do I know this?

The following is not to impress you, but to impress upon you the lifestyle that is waiting for you when you learn these time-tested principles. The following is a day in the life of my business...

With just a few e-mails to my list over a 1 week period... I was able to personally recruit 103 people into my biz opp, and earn a cool $10,000 affiliate bonus

With just a few e-mails I've been able to personally sponsor over 100 people in 72 hours into 2 different business opportunities.

With just 2 e-mails promoting ONE webinar I brought in over $11,000 in ONE HOUR

I consistently win affiliate contests against some of the biggest internet marketers online who have e-mail lists 10x the size of mine, and all I do is send 2-3 e-mails to my list (ZERO ad spend)

I truly have worked my business on a VERY part-time basis the last 15 years as I raised my 2 daughters who are now all grown up.

In MLSP, I earn more than 2x more per referral than the next closest affiliate ($785.37 in PROFIT Per Sign-Up) because of what I'm about to show you...

But my life and business wasn't always one where I could flip open my laptop, craft an e-mail in 15 minutes, and then watch the sales pop & the profit come pouring in while I was sound asleep...

Before I learned what I'm about to teach you...

I was literally spamming bathrooms around town with my business opportunity (gross, I know)

I was the gal running down to pay my electric bill the day it was due because I had no money (I was praying they wouldn't turn off my electricity)

Bill collectors were calling while I was trying to raise my family the best I could (I put a smile on my face so the family didn't think there was anything wrong)

And then something magical happened that I am eternally grateful for...

I was introduced to & started learning this thing called 'Attraction Marketing,' and I began applying it to my business.

I stopped trying to keep up with the latest, greatest marketing strategy (they pop up almost weekly), and I started focusing on turning my tiny list into a COMMUNITY that would follow me to the death. (the epitome of 'Attraction Marketing')

And what I learned very quickly is the SIZE of your list doesn't matter at all IF you know what I know...

If you were to compare my list with other multiple 6-figure online business owners' lists, theirs would most likely dwarf mine.

Then how is it that I'm able to 'run with the big dawgs,' win affiliate contests, and out-earn many top earners with a list 1/10th the size?!

And what's my secret to make a fortune with any online business?!

Here we go...

YES, The Money Is In Your List...
But the Fortune is in How You Manage, Write to, and Communicate With Your List.

I can whole-heartedly tell you that if you learn how to manage, write to, and communicate with your list the way I do...

You do NOT need to generate 100+ leads / day to fire your boss

You do NOT need a list of 10,000+ subscribers to build a multiple 6-figure business

YES, I'm about to teach you how you can literally send 1 e-mail, and everyone on your list will rush to buy whatever you tell them to (ULTIMATE FREEDOM for you and your family)

If you are interested in learning the 'list-building' secrets & techniques a little ol' house-wife used to turn a tiny list into a multiple 6-figure a year business, then you may be ready for the next level with my newest creation, 'Twist Your List!'

Amazing LIST & CUSTOMER DEVELOPMENT BONUS just for Trying 'Twist Your List' RISK-FREE for 30 Days

Our proprietary 'Customer Relationship Manager' most Fortune 500 Companies would envy allows you to schedule appointments with your prospects, send out e-mails to prospects that sell your stuff with 1 click, keep notes on all of your prospects with each conversation, search and find individual prospects in less than 1 second, and keep tabs on ALL of your prospects forever so that in 6 months when they call you back because they are now ready... you know exactly who they are, and you close the sale!


(this 'CRM' is yours absolutely FREE for the next 30 days -
STEP up and become a PRO marketer with 'Twist Your List!')

What You Get with "TWIST YOUR LIST"

MODULE 1: The Foundation


The Secret 'Customer Relationship Manager' I use to make a chemical bond so strong with your prospects that they feel guilty if they don't buy your stuff

What is a personal newsletter, why it's your #1 asset online, and how to start building your newsletter the right way for PROFITS

What are the three markets you will undeniably deal with in your specific business, and which market will be the most lucrative

Why smaller is often better (most marketers stay broke because they get this wrong)

How to get your list subscribers addicted to opening your newsletter from day 1

A RECORDED Q&A BONUS MODULE - 3 days after this session, we hosted a Q&A with the students. This recorded Q&A will help you master the material in this module, and take your business to the next level.

MODULE 2: Set Up Your System


The difference between pre-programmed letters for your newsletter versus broadcast e-mails, and when to use which (and why)

How to brand yourself via your newsletter, and begin to build trust between you and your List (critical if you want to make sales)

How to create newsletter signature files for fun and profit that get people emotionally attached to your brand

Creating your first letter in a way that begins to connect your brand new prospect to you at the deepest level

A RECORDED Q&A BONUS MODULE - 3 days after this session, we hosted a Q&A with the students. This recorded Q&A will help you master the material in this module, and take your business to the next level.

MODULE 3: Bond Building Communications


The Five types of letters you can use to glue prospects to you so that they see you as a major resource to their business

The Ten types of communication that create a list of people that will follow you to the high heavens time and time again

How to pull the right people towards you while pushing the wrong ones away (frustration and rejection will be nonexistent)

Open Rates Schmopen Rates... Learn how to REALLY judge the effectiveness of your communication

A RECORDED Q&A BONUS MODULE - 3 days after this session, we hosted a Q&A with the students. This recorded Q&A will help you master the material in this module, and take your business to the next level.

MODULE 4: Super Sales Communications


Five types of letters that will covertly get your subscribers to click the link in your e-mails almost every single time

My personal ninja e-mail tricks that will make your prospects flutter with desire for your products and services all day long

One move that will get prospects to call YOU instead of you having to call them (Diane hasn't called a prospect since 2008!)

Stupid Autoresponder tricks that hypnotically make your subscribers feel AMAZING as they do what you tell them to do

A RECORDED Q&A BONUS MODULE - 3 days after this session, we hosted a Q&A with the students. This recorded Q&A will help you master the material in this module, and take your business to the next level.

MODULE 5: Mix & Match Newsletter Bingo


How to mix and match all the letter types from modules 3 & 4 to keep your reader engaged for the long-haul so they buy from you forever

A three step plan to work your business under two hours a day, but still get BIG results

A secret tactic that can turn a letter about chicken pot pie (or the Knicks game) into MONEY

An emergency insurance plan that will show you how to keep your business ALIVE in times of trouble on a budget as low as $30 a month

A RECORDED Q&A BONUS MODULE - 3 days after this session, we hosted a Q&A with the students. This recorded Q&A will help you master the material in this module, and take your business to the next level.

MODULE 6: Romance & Keep Track of Your Prospects both Online and Off


How to build a 'romance' vibe so tight with your prospects that you shave your unsubscribes down to nothing (I rarely have people unsubscribe... ever)

My favorite 'under-the-radar' e-maill techniques that make your prospects FEEL love & adoration towards you even when you ask them to buy stuff

How to keep tabs on your prospects so that in 6 months when they are ready to BUY, you can close the sale without being 'salesy' or 'pushy'

Online is great, but there's a ton of sales to be made offline too! My offline romance secrets to thrill your prospects and make them LOOK for your offers everywhere

A RECORDED Q&A BONUS MODULE - 3 days after this session, we hosted a Q&A with the students. This recorded Q&A will help you master the material in this module, and take your business to the next level.


Ray Higdon

"I've watched Diane Hochman for years and she is magic. Her strategies are unique, powerful and quite simply work."

Ray Higdon
MLSP L6 Leader & Industry Top Earner

Facebook Testimonials

"After Diane's training I sent an e-mail to my list and I didn't get 1, 2, or 3 sales... I got 4 sales!"

Linda B.

"I now know how to write letters to inspire the readers and get them to ACT NOW!"

Robert B.

"I've learned how to effectively communicate with my List so they get to know, value, and trust me."

Julie D.

"In the last 14 days alone I tripled my lead-flow. People are starting to reach out to me to ask about MY business"

Kay S.

Here's the deal... most of what you have been taught about list-building & customer follow-up simply doesn't work because it consistently leaves you to run on a perpetual hamster wheel of lead-generation chasing the latest tactics...

My promise to you is I am going to teach you how to 'Twist Your List' Into a Cash Flow Residual Income Machine so you don't burn-out as you try to learn a new marketing strategy every single week!

'Twist Your List' is about multiplying your profits by learning the secrets of REAL list-development that cause a tiny list (or big list for that matter) to buy more from you more often, over, and over, and over again.

I was able to pay for my kids' college in CASH because of what you will soon learn inside 'Twist Your List.'

And the reality is my students have paid me $1,000 PER HOUR to coach them on this stuff.

I have high-level coaching clients that pay me THOUSANDS of dollars per day to come over and work on their business.

And this is course is EVERYTHING I know about building a multiple 6-figure a year business with an online newsletter... and it can be applied to ANY business.

Honestly, with what you will most likely start earning with your online business & newsletter because of what you will learn inside 'Twist Your List,' I believe this course is easily worth $2,000.

Heck, look around online and you'll see 'online business schools' from selling list-building courses for $5,000 and up! (and they won't teach you 1/10th of what I'm going to teach you about real world customer & list development).

But I'm not going to do that to you... I have spent years honing these 'list-building' and 'customer-development' strategies, and it's finally time for me to let this secret out after 16 years...

So here's the deal: I'm not going to charge you $2,000...

I'm not going to charge you my 1-hr coaching rate of $1,000...

I'm not even going to charge you half of my 1-hr coaching rate, or $500...

How does only $297 sound for my entire 'Twist Your List' curriculum?! And if that's still a bit much we've put together a 3-pay option where you only have to spend $117 today! I really do want to help you, and I'm a giver, a teacher, and a Mother at heart!

But wait... as if all 6 modules PLUS the recorded Q&A sessions weren't worth way more than what I'm asking, let me throw in some irresistible bonuses to make you want to buy now...

Take Action Today and You'll Also
Get 10 Bonus Gifts Valued at $3,250

COURSE BONUSES - INSTANT ACCESSI wanted to 100% over-deliver and make this a no-brainer decision for you... so I created 10 bonuses valued at $3,250 to ensure you get results. And you get Instant Access to everything when you buy 'Twist Your List' today!

BONUS 1: Twist Your List Private Facebook Group


Private Facebook Group

Enjoy an intimate 6-WEEK Private Facebook Group for direct access to me, daily coaching & mentoring, and copy tweaks to YOUR letters.

I will be inside this group a few hours per day to make sure you get all your questions answered as you create YOUR newsletter.

This is the only way to get DIRECT ACCESS to me right now, and it will prove to be priceless on our journey together.

BONUS 2: INSTANT DOWNLOAD - Every Broadcast I Ever Sent


The Email Vault

Instant Access: Swipe EVERY broadcast e-mail I have ever written since 2009! (there are 874 letters at current count).

Swipe, modify, cut and paste, mix and match, and do whatever you want with these e-mail letters because you now own them all.

These plug-and-play e-mail templates will show you how to write effective e-mail broadcasts to your list, and surely help you start profiting with your newsletter immediately!

BONUS 3: INSTANT DOWNLOAD - Swipe 10 of my BEST E-Mails


Email Pack

These are 10 of my highest converting 'fill-in-the-blank' e-mails that will get your list to feel guilty if they don't click on YOUR link in the e-mail.

These are 10 GENERIC (and proven) e-mail letters ANYONE can use to build ANY business FAST.

Keep in mind that 'mid-range' copywriters charge $100 PER LETTER that they write for an e-mail sequence. This is a complete steal!

* You will get access to this PDF after we cover the 5 types of letters in Module 3.

BONUS 4: The 3 Stages to Becoming A Marketing Superstar


The 3 Stages to Becoming A Marketing Superstar

Instant Access: Join Diane and Larry Hochman as they describe the 3 steps ALL business owners must go through on their way to become a marketing superstar.

You will uncover the one stage most people try to skip, which will absolutely delay your success long-term (you will want to avoid this like the plague).

BONUS 5: The 3 Stages Of Promotion


The 3 Stages Of Promotion

Instant Access: Your business is dependent on getting eyeballs on your offers, period (you already know this).

Join Diane and Larry Hochman as they walk you through all 3 stages of promotion so you can learn how to get INTERESTED eyeballs on YOUR sales letters every single day!

When you follow these '3 Stages of Promotion' to promote your events, products, and offers, you will create a viscous cycle of success!

BONUS 6: The 3 Markets In Your Business


The 3 Markets In Your Business

Instant Access: Discover the 3 markets you will be dealing with in your business (they are the same no matter which type of business or niche you are in).

Communication is everything in your business... and if you communicate with the right people in the wrong way you will drive your buyers away (not recommended).

Join Diane Hochman as she exposes these 3 markets, and how to communicate with each one to make sales effortlessly, easily, and all day long!

BONUS 7: Hypnotic Headline Workshop


Private Facebook Group

Headlines are the MOST critical part of ANY letter you send because if your headline doesn't interrupt THEIR current pattern, get THEIR attention, and get them to OPEN YOUR E-MAIL, you got nothing.

This hands-on workshop will help give you a formula to create your own hypnotic headlines that get your list to OPEN YOUR E-MAILS (YES, my headline methodology will work in ANY business).

BONUS 8: Copy Trigger Training


Private Facebook Group

There are certain words I consistently use that pierce straight to their unconscious mind (where the buying decision happens), and persuades them to do whatever you tell them to in your e-mail (and they obey every time).

I'm going to give you my most powerful hypnotic words & phrases that I use in my newsletters that get people to take action, click links, buy stuff, and actually feel HAPPY when they give you their money!

BONUS 9: 9 "Pop-Up" Bonus Calls


9 'Pop-Up' Bonus Calls

Instant Access to Download - MP3 audio formats: enjoy 9 bonus calls where I sat with my original 'Twist Your List' students, and answered ALL of their questions LIVE.

These are the 'bootleg' sessions we recorded 'behind the scenes' as 'Twist Your List' students went thru the exact material you are about to access…

And we answered all of their questions on how to successfully turn your list into a cash-cow machine!

BONUS 10: Get Leads NOW with ZERO Budget


Private Facebook Group

Very rarely do I spend money on advertising because I don't need to! And YES, these marketing strategies are so SIMPLE that anybody can apply what I teach right NOW to THEIR business.

In this Bonus you're going to get all of my highly-guarded lead-generation tactics that won't cost you a dime. Some of my students have gone on to generate 50+ leads in ONE HOUR following the social media secrets I share in this module.

SPECIAL BONUS: This bonus Includes an additional 2-hour interactive Q&A Bonus to ensure you master the material and Get Leads within 24 hours of this crazy bonus.

These 10 Bonuses Have A Combined Value of $3,250...and they're all included FREE when you buy "Twist Your List" today.


Doug Firebaugh

"No one on this planet can do what Diane Hochman does as she has taken copywriting and list building to a level that most people only dream of and if there was ONE person I would listen to about this- is lady Di!"

Doug Firebaugh
Industry Top Earner, Trainer, Speaker, Author, and MLM Legend

"My business is in profit, I make more money every month, and the best part is now I know how to get where I want to go"

Justin B.

"I haven't generated so many leads in such a short time... EVER. I now generate 24 leads in the span of a few hours!"

Katie B.

"I have already ranked-up in my company, and now I'm showing up on leaderboards!"

Somer N.

"I have now generated almost 150 leads, and the month is not even over... and I made a sale!"

Lindsay M.


MODULE 1: The Foundation

$297 VALUE

MODULE 2: Set Up Your System

$297 VALUE

MODULE 3: Bond Building Communications

$297 VALUE

MODULE 4: Super Sales Communications

$297 VALUE

MODULE 5: Mix & Match Newsletter Bingo

$297 VALUE

MODULE 6: Romance & Keep Track of Your Prospects both Online and Off

$297 VALUE

BONUS 1: Twist Your List Private Facebook Group

$997 VALUE

BONUS 2: INSTANT DOWNLOAD - Every Broadcast I Ever Sent

$497 VALUE

BONUS 3: INSTANT DOWNLOAD - Swipe 10 of my BEST E-Mails

$377 VALUE

BONUS 4: The 3 Stages to Becoming A Marketing Superstar


BONUS 5: The 3 Stages Of Promotion


BONUS 6: The 3 Markets In Your Business


BONUS 7: Hypnotic Headline Workshop

$247 VALUE

BONUS 8: Copy Trigger Training

$247 VALUE

BONUS 9: 9 "Pop-Up" Bonus Calls

$297 VALUE

BONUS 10: Get Leads NOW with ZERO Budget

$297 VALUE


$5,032 VALUE



And I'm going to let you peek behind the curtain AND I'll take on ALL the risk because I know this training will transform your business!

My Bullet-Proof Money-Back Guarantee...


Enjoy 'Twist Your List' 100% RISK FREE for the next 30 days

Again, I am taking on ALL the risk here... I GUARANTEE and believe so firmly that you will get 10x the value of the price-tag, that I'm going to let you test out this course for 30 days.

And if you're not completely sold on the fact that 'Twist Your List' will help you make money in YOUR business over the next 30 days, simply e-mail our support before your 30 day trial is up and we'll give you a no-questions-asked full refund.


More time.

Less work.

More fun.

Less hassle.

More profit.

All from a laptop and a smart phone. From a spare bedroom or the kitchen table.

Who is 'Twist Your List' REALLLLLY for?

If you work a job, want to spend more time with your kids, care for a loved one, or have anything else that takes up a LOT of your time, but you know deep down you still want to build your business...

'Twist Your List' is for you.

If you are on a budget, only want to work a few hours a day and make a full time income, don't want employees, outsourcers, overhead, and big hassles....

'Twist Your List' is for you.

If LIFESTYLE is of prime importance in your life, if you want to re-claim your freedom, if you are ready to build the business of your dreams...

'Twist Your List' will FINALLY give you what you crave.

Seriously, you have absolutely nothing to lose and there is ZERO risk.

You can go back to business as usual and keep scrambling to learn the hottest, newest marketing strategy each week... OR you can become a PRO and learn 'customer development' and 'list-building' techniques that will set you free once and for all.

Can you imagine writing one e-mail to your list, and making more with that one letter than you currently do in 1 month!?

You are 1 click away from acquiring that type of power. Financial Freedom. Time Freedom. Ultimate Freedom.

Click one of the 'Add to Cart' buttons below, and let me take you by the hand IF you are ready to break FREE!


Bert Bledsoe

"Diane's approach to marketing and communication had allowed me to transform my online business and life and have fun while doing it!"

Bert Bledsoe
MLSP L5 Leader & EMT Member

"I nearly DOUBLED my lead-flow"

Keilie R.

"For the very first time I started generating leads for FREE doing what Diane teaches."

Maricella C.

"I'm generating leads & making sales on a regular basis."

Chris K.

"In 2 weeks I got more results and leads for my business than I had in 6-8 months prior"

Bob L.

SIZZLING BONUSES to help you build a Hyper-Responsive List Valued at $3,250!
Get a 'Customer Relationship Manager' to apply 'Twist Your List' for 30 Days FREE


The cost of the "Twist Your List" is 3 payments of $117 or you can save $54 and pay $297.




If you had an MLSP account in the past, and your account became "INACTIVE" more than 30 days ago, you can check the red box above to "RE-ACTIVATE" Your Old MLSP Account for FREE for 30 Days! And you can try MLSP's NEW 'Customer Relationship Manager' 100% Risk-Free when you check the red box above, and buy now. A LOT has changed inside MLSP since you left... come see the NEW MLSP & CRM for FREE, which will help you apply and profit with "Twist Your List" today!

- Diane Hochman
Industry Top Earner & Millionaire Mom
List-Building & Customer-Development Expert

P.S. - You will get INSTANT ACCESS to everything right after you Buy Now.

The bonuses alone are worth far more than the price-tag of this course. If you want to learn how to easily make money with any size list even if you're just getting started, this course could save your business.

What you are about to learn inside 'Twist Your List' is the ONLY reason I can out-perform other top marketers with lists 10x the size of mine. This is what set a Mom financially free while she was raising her 2 beautiful daughters from home, and I've never shared these secrets before (and chances are I will never share them again because they are that powerful!)

It's decision time... Choose wisely my friend. This material will forever change your business if you let it... take the leap of faith. Remember there is ZERO risk on your part to let me prove I can help you get in profit.

Say YES If you are ready to see behind the curtain of a multi 6-figure business because I'm waiting for you in Module 1!


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